Consumer Complaint against Builder

Everyone today is working extremely hard to provide good livelihood to their loved ones. Investing in property is one such asset for your loved ones. All the hard earned money of the middle class individual goes in vain when there is delay in construction, delay in possession by the builders.

Your one-stop solution to this mental and physical trouble is LawInsta where we will help reduce your suffering by providing you with end to end support. We will make sure that a proper complaint is filed in the consumer courts, your suffering are well drafted in the complaint LawInsta assures any builder dispute issue faced by you is our concern.

How to file a complaint against builder in the Consumer Court?

With builders coming under the clause of being a service provider, the process of filing a consumer court complaint against them is the same as with other service providers. To file a complaint, you need to keep in mind the following steps :

  • Send a well drafted Legal Notice to the builder stating your reasons of discontent

  • Await for a response for the stipulated time from the other party

  • On no-response, prepare a petition stating facts and evidences with the help of expert legal advice

  • Approach the Consumer Court and file your petition against the builder

Jurisdiction :

The law classifies Consumer Courts in three tier redressal machinery at District, State and National level to help safeguard the interests of consumers. The classification of the courts is decided on the basis of the amount i.e. as per the price of the faulty product or deficiency of services charge, the jurisdiction is decided. The Act also provides a guideline to the customer to approach the appropriate Court.

  • District Forum,

  • State Commission, and

  • National Commission.

Pecuniary Jurisdiction of Consumer Disputes Redressal Machinery :

  • At District Level: Limitation of amount is up to 20 Lacs,

  • At State Level: Limitation of amount is up to 1 Crore,

  • At National Level: Matter with an amount above 1 Crore.

The Consumer having a dispute can approach the Consumer Court as per the pecuniary jurisdiction with the assistance of the lawyer and file a consumer complaint against the accused defaulter.

The Act also classifies the goods and services which are covered under the ambit of the Consumer Protection Act.

Time Limit to file a Consumer Complaint: A consumer who is filing a Consumer complaint the help of a lawyer should approach the appropriate Court within 2 years from the date there has been a default in product or deficiency in service.

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