Legal Heir / Succession Certificate

Every family makes investments either in property or shares or post office. Such investments are made to secure the future, future of the present and the upcoming generations.

The Law has created rights to claim the property or securities of the person dying intestate.

LawInsta assures that claiming property or securities of the dying intestate is a easier and smooth process. Legal Heir/Succession Certificate through LawInsta will assure that any immovable property (house/land, etc) or movable property (shares, mutual funds, etc) of a person dying intestate is transferred lawfully to their heirs.

A person is said to have passed away intestate when he/she does not leave a legal will. A succession certificate entitles the holder to make payment of debt or transfer securities to the holder of certificate without having to ascertain the legal heir entitled to it.

The succession certificate provides indemnity to all persons owing such debts or liable on such securities with regards to all payments made to or dealings had in good faith with a person to whom a certificate as granted. Hence, many organisations and persons request a succession certificate before settling the debts or securities of the deceased in favour of the person claiming such debts or securities. The succession certificate is issued according to the applicable law of inheritance.

We assure that instances in your lifetime our hassle free and legally intact.


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