What is a Patent?

A Patent is an invention/ creation of intellect applied to capital and labor, to produce something new and useful. It is a right granted to an Inventor by the Controller substantiating and securing his rights to make exclusive use, exercise and vend his invention for 20 years.

What is Patent Search and why is it important?

A Patent Search is the first thing that is done in Patent Registration Process. An Expert Professional does a thorough search of the Patent Database making sure that the same invention is patentable, has not been already patented by someone else and does not fall within the purview of “prior art”. The invention is then compared to other similar works making sure its distinctive and unique, identifying the closest prior art and what specification of the invention in hand is most different from the prior art. After completion of the Patent Search, the Expert Professional given you an expert opinion whether the invention all together or in parts is patentable or not.


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What can be Patented?

An invention relating either to a product or process that is new, involving inventive step and capable of industrial application can be patented. An invention can be patented if it is:

  • a new product or process

  • non-obvious

  • useful

  • capable of industrial application

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