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The domain name “Website”, is owned and operated by LawInsta Technologies Private Limited. “Company” a Private Company Limited by shares, incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, having its registered office at A 12, Main Mehroli Road, Shivalik Colony Opposite Park South Delhi – 110017 where such expression shall, unless repugnant to the context thereof, be deemed to include its respective representatives, administrators, employees, directors, officers, agents and other successors and assignees.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), wherever the context so requires

  • The term ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’; shall mean the Website and/or the Company, as the context requires.

  • The term ‘You’ and ‘User’ shall mean any person or entity accessing our website or using the legal services provided in this Website, who is competent to enter into a contract, as per the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.

  • The terms ‘Party’ & ‘Parties’ shall respectively be used to refer the User and the Company individually and collectively, as per the context so requires.

The headings of each section of this Policy are for the purpose of organising the provisions under this Policy in an orderly fashion and shall not be used by either Party to interpret the provisions contained herein in any manner. Further, it is specifically agreed to by the Party that the headings shall have no legal or contractual value.

The User shall without any doubt agree that the aforementioned Terms and this Policy constitutes a legally binding agreement between the User and the Company.

The user shall adhere to such rules, guidelines, policies, Terms and Conditions applicable to the numerous legal services provided by this website. User’s act of visiting the website or any part of the website constitutes User’s full and final acceptance of the Policy.

The Parties expressly agree that the Company retains the sole and exclusive right to amend or modify the Policy and the aforementioned Terms without any prior permission or intimation to the User, and the User expressly agrees that any such amendments or modifications shall come into effect immediately. The User has a duty to periodically check the Policy and Terms, and stay updated on their provisions and requirements. If the User continues to use the Website following such a change, the User will be deemed to have given the consent to any and all amendments/modifications made to the Policy and Terms. As far as the User complies with the Policy and Terms, he/she is granted a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited privilege to enter, access and use the Website

What information do we collect?

Our goal is to collect personal information to provide an efficient, hassle-free and an unruffled experience. When you access the legal services through an interaction with our Expert Legal Professional via email, telephone calls or other correspondence, we may ask you to voluntarily share the personal information pertaining to your identification like Name, City, Email ID and your Legal Query which will be registered with us. You can however visit our site anonymously to peruse the legal services provided by us and our website. The User expressly agrees and acknowledges that the Company collects and stores the User’s personal information for providing legal services and features to meet the User’s needs and also to customise and improve the Website to make its User’s experiences hassle-free.

The Company/Website collects information the User provides in “Ask a free question” where you can ask any legal question which is answered by our expert legal professional /panel lawyers.

If the User chooses to post reviews/feedback/messages anywhere on the Website, not limited to other message areas, the User is aware that any and all information imparted/uploaded will be collected and registered by the Company and such retained information may be used to solve legal disputes, provide troubleshoot problems, customer support and that information, if requested, may be provided to judicial or governmental authorities of requisite jurisdiction, or otherwise used by the Company/Website as permitted by the applicable laws.

The User is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information submitted to us such as contact information provided as part of the account registration. Any change in such information, the user is responsible for correcting, amending or deleting such inaccuracy, or making the change on our page or contacting us through We will make our best efforts to make the requested changes in our active databases as soon as it requires. In case the information shared by the User is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, or LawInsta has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided by the User is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, LawInsta at its sole discretion shall discontinue the legal services to the User.

The User is well aware of the fact that the Company/Website may automatically track User’s information like IP addresses, domain servers, types of web browsers and the source to the site, your interaction with the site and the browser upon your activity on our website using cookies, internal functions and other devices. The User is expressly made aware that such information may include the URL that the User visited prior to accessing the Website.

Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to compel the Website/Company to register/upload/publish/display in any manner content/review/feedback submitted by the User. And the User hereby expressly authorises the Website/Company to remove from the Website any such content/review/feedback submitted by the User, without reason or being required to notify the User of the same.


The User is aware that a ‘Cookie’ is a small piece of information stored by a web server on a web browser so it can later be traced back from that particular browser and that cookies are useful for enabling the browser to remember information specific to a given User, including but not limited to a User’s login identification, password etc. The User is aware that the Website are only available through the use of such cookies. While the User is free to decline the Website’s cookies if the User’s browser permits, the User may consequently be unable to use certain features on the Website.

The Website uses temporary cookies to store certain (that is not sensitive personal data or information) that is used by LawInsta and its service providers for the technical administration of the Website, research and development, and for User administration. In the course of serving advertisements or optimizing services to its Users, LawInsta may allow authorized third parties to place or recognize a unique cookie on the User’s browser. The cookies however, do not store any Personal Information of the User.

The User has the knowledge that he/she may encounter ‘cookies’ or other similar devices on certain pages of the Website that are placed by third parties or affiliates of the Company/Website. The User expressly agrees and acknowledges that the Company/Website does not control the use of such cookies/other devices by third parties, that the Company/Website is in no way responsible for the same, and that the User assumes any and all risks in this regard.

The User has the knowledge that the Website/Company may share the User’s personal information with other corporate entities and affiliates to help detect and prevent identity theft, fraud and other potentially illegal acts to prevent the abuse of Website’s Legal services and to facilitate joint or co-branded services, where such services are provided by more than one corporate entity.


The information entered by the User when transacting on the Website are secure and protected and is encrypted to protect the User against unintentional disclosure to the third parties. Information pertaining to User’s credit and debit card is not received, stored or retained by the Company/Website in any manner. The information supplied by the User directly transfers to the relevant payment gateway which is authorised to handle the information provided and is compliant with the regulations and requirements of various banks and institutions and payment franchisees that it is associated with.

Expert Legal Professional’s Note

This section applies to all the Impanelled Expert Legal Professionals with LawInsta.

  1. As part of the registration as well as the application creation and submission process that is available to Expert Legal Professionals on LawInsta, certain information including Personal information and Sensitive Personal Data or Information is collected from the Expert Legal Professionals

  2. All the statements in the Policy apply to all Expert Legal Professionals and they are are required to comply with the privacy statements set out herein prior to submitting any Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data or information to LawInsta, failing which they are required to leave the Services, including the Website/Company immediately.

  3. Both the Expert Legal Professionals and their clients are aware that their obligations of client/user confidentiality, both in communicating with and in consulting users via the Website. LawInsta shall not accept, nor be obligated to the confidentiality clause pertaining to any communications whatsoever other than those expressly stated in the Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Third Party/Advertisements

The User is aware that the Company/Website uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads to the users of the Website. The User is aware that these companies may use information relating to the User’s visits to the Website and other websites in order to provide customised advertisements to the User. Furthermore, the Website may contain links to other websites that may collect personally identifiable information about the User. The Company/Website is not responsible for the privacy practises or the connect of any of the aforementioned linked websites, and the User expressly acknowledges the same and agrees that any and all risks associated will be borne entirely by the User.

Children and Minor’s Privacy

LawInsta strongly encourages parents and guardians to supervise the online activities of their minor children and consider parental control options available from online services and software manufacturers to help provide a child-friendly environment. LawInsta is not directed at the legal issues of children or minor (below the age of 18). The Company/Website does not cater to the needs of children or minors and any information shared by such a child or minor will not be entertained at any level. If it comes to our knowledge that such information received by us is of a minor, we will use that information only to respond directly to the minor or his parent and guardian that he/she cannot use the Company’s/Website’s Legal Service and such information received shall be subsequently deleted from our database.

Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

It is expressly agreed to by the Parties hereto that the formation, interpretation and performance of this Policy and any disputes arising here from will be resolved through a two-step Alternate Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) mechanism. It is further agreed to by the Parties that the contents of this Section shall survive even after the termination or expiry of the Policy and/or Terms.

  • Mediation

    In case of any dispute between the parties, the Parties will attempt to resolve the same amicably amongst themselves, to the mutual satisfaction of both Parties. In the event that the Parties are unable to reach such an amicable situation within thirty days (30) of one Party communicating the existence of a dispute to the other Party, the dispute will be resolved by arbitration, as detailed hereinbelow.

  • Arbitration

    In the event that the Parties are unable to amicably resolve a dispute by mediation, such dispute will be referred to arbitration by a sole arbitrator to be appointed by the Company, and the award passed by such sole arbitrator will be valid and binding on both Parties. The Parties shall bear their own costs for the proceedings, although the sole arbitrator may in his/her discretion, direct either Party to bear the entire cost of the proceedings. The arbitration shall be conducted in English and the seat of the Arbitration shall be the city of Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

    The Parties expressly agree that the Terms, Policy and any other agreements entered into between the Parties are governed by the laws, rules and regulations of India and that the Courts at Dehradun shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising between the Parties.

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