What is Trademark Renewal ?

Every registered trademark has a lifetime of 10 years and can be further renewed indefinitely. Moreover, the Registrar has even set a broad window for every owner to do so, beginning from 6 months before the date of expiration of the trademark. Also, even if an owner forgets, as even big organizations are prone to do, the owner will be sent a notice to the registered address regarding the expiration of trademark before the 6 months are up. Moreover, if the owner still does not file for the trademark renewal, the Registrar may advertise its intention to eliminate the trademark from the Trade Marks Journal. This however, happens only after 12 months after the expiration of the trademark.

In addition, a trademark registration can be renewed on payment of a fine through a process called restoration between 6 and 12 months post expiry of trademark.


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Advantages of Trademark Renewal

  • Legal Protection

    If an owner believes his registered trademark is being infringed, it is always easier to establish his right to the trademark in court. However, if the owner hasn't registered the slogan, word or logo, he would not be able to do so especially in sectors in which piracy is uncontrollable, trademark registration is crucial.

  • Business Opportunity

    A trademark is an invisible asset that can be extremely valuable for any brand to succeed. For example brands like Adidas, Toyota and Haldiram’s. Businesses can earn huge amount of money in royalties through licensing agreements and even transfer ownership to interested parties through assignment agreements.

  • Unique Identity

    An owner always wants his customers to identify his services and products with his only. Therefore, registering a trademark is the fundamental step towards ensuring this. As a result of that the court would eventually stop any similar slogans or words from being registered.

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