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A desire or a way legally to leave behind your hard-earned assets to your family, closed once after your demise. A will is a document which is made in writing, to communicate how the movable and immovable property of a person are to be distributed among the family; the movable property includes jewellery , money or any form of investment in bank, post office, etc., the immovable property includes house, land, flat , etc. Will as a document ensures that the last wishes of a person are fulfilled and the assets are distributed to the family as per his choice and not by inheritance law. The essentials required for a will to be made are as follows:

  • Free Consent of the person who wishes to make it,

  • The details of the assets,

  • The person who will inherit the property.

Advantages of a Will

  • To Choose

    When a person dies without writing his/her Will, the property or the jewellery, etc. which he/she were in possession off, will be distributed as per the law of inheritance, whereas if a Will is made a person as per his own wishes can leave behind his assets to the loved once.

  • Eases Alterations

    When a person leaves behind his assets are death in the form of will, he is eased from the burden and responsibilities shifts on to the loves once.

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